Omega-9 Fatty Acids , Oleic Acid and Vitamin E

Omega-9 is a particularly important monounsaturated fatty acid, naturally derived from vegetables and animal fats.

Some commonly discussed omega-9 fatty acids include:

-Oleic acid which can be found in olive oil, macadamia oil and almonds.

-Erucic acid , which can be found in rapeseed, wallflower seed and mustard seed.

Eicosaoic acid or arichidic acid  can be found in peanut oil.

Omega-9 is commonly regarded as partially essential, as although your body can synthesise it, this does not compensate for the amount the body expects to receive from food.

Benefits include:

-Improved cardiovascular health

- Decreased risk of various types of heart disease including coronary artery disease.

-Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes as well as improved insulin response

-Improved glucose tolerance

-Lower LDL cholesterol blood concentration

-Can aid the breakdown of fat particularly in women

-Decreased blood pressure


Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin which has many anti-oxidising properties by protecting cells in the body from damage caused from free-radicals.

We are exposed to free-radicals through a number of sources including ultraviolet radiation, cigarette smoke, air pollution and even UV radiation from the sun.

Vitamin E is also needed for the body's immune system to work efficiently to counteract against invading bacteria and viruses.

Vitamin E also helps the blood vessels widen, allowing for improved blood flow, lower blood pressure and the prevention of blood clotting within the vessel.

Vitamin E is known to also improve derma and hair health.

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