Don't fall victim to a lack of information

Struggling to see progress at the gym?

You've been putting in the hours at the gym week in, week out, you have stuck to your meal plan like glue yet somehow, you have reached a plateau and your body fat is just refusing to part ways with your body.


Or maybe you have been trying to put on lean muscle mass and no matter how much you eat and workout you just can’t seem to notice the difference.


Maybe your gym progress isn't the problem and you'e as buff as a buffalo, but you just can’t help but notice the increasing signs of dermatitis and you've noticed acne appearing on your face and around your body.


Let me guess , your problems have nothing to do with your gym progress and your skin is fine your skin but you can't help but notice your ridiculously slow rate of hair growth.

You've mixed every oil, cosmetic and capsule and cosmetic which the internet has glamorised and the only noticeable increase you have seen has been your net outgoings.

Your beard is patchy though you've spent hours researching on youtube looking at guys with full beards who clearly have never related to your struggle of trying to grow a beard.




Let me guess, it’s your energy levels, your libido, no matter what you try, you just can’t seem to get in the mood.

You feel tired all the time, depressed and you can also feel your cognitive ability taking it’s toll.


Well these are just some of the symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency